Man shoots wife through head because dinner wasn’t ready on time

husband wife india dinner not ready


Dinner – A 60-year-old man from India shot and killed his 55-year-old wife because she didn’t bring him his dinner on time. The angry man came home drunk and wanted to eat right away, his wife wanted to talk for a while.

This is reported by a police officer from Ghaziabad City to the BBC. The 60-year-old Ashok Kumar came home drunk so many times that his wife wanted to have a talk about his excessive drinking. Kumar did not feel like it and was very hungry.

At one point, he was so frustrated by the delay that he shot his wife wife a .315 revolver. Police seized the illegal weapon from the man and is trying to find out where he aqquired it from. The man has admitted the crime and is very sorry for his terrible act. Unfortunately for his wife it’s too late. His wife was rushed to hospital but when she arrived there the doctors declared her dead at arrival.


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