Man shot in leg in front of house Casa Rosso owner Jan Otten

Jan Otten owner Casa Rosso Shooting in front of house

Casa Rosso

The police have been investigating a shooting in Amsterdam-north right in front of the house of Jan Otten, owner of the sex theater Casa Rosso. A man was hit in his leg during the shooting. The police confirmed this morning that the shooting did happen at Otten’s house, but that he himself was not the victim.


The police said earlier that the perpetrators fled on a moped. The Forensic Detection Service placed a tent over a gray car parked in the Hilversbeek Street. According to two neighbors, this was the parking lot of the house of Jan Otten, the owner of the Amsterdam sex theater Casa Rosso. According to the locals, the car also belonged to him. Otten is registered with his at the address, where the police investigated the shooting

Spokesperson Leo Dortland of the Amsterdam police told us Sunday morning that the victim of the shooting is not Jan Otten. However, the police confirm that the shooting took place at the house of the sex club owner. The victim has been transported to the hospital for treatment but is not at risk, according to Dortland.


Casa Rosso Shooting 2

On Sunday morning, a neighborhood resident stated that he woke up that night to the sound of a shot, followed by a second. When he looked outside, he saw a man riding a bicycle really fast, and a second man who jumped on the back. The neighborhood resident did not see any weapon in the hands of any of the men. “But I had the impression that they were fleeing from the place where i heard the shots coming from. So I doubt the fact that the perpetrators fled with a moped, as the police told me tonight. ”

The police spokesperson said in reply that a moped was found in the Hilversum Street tonight, matching the signature of the moped who would have been driven at the scene of the shooting. This street is in the extension of the street where the shooting took place.

Tracks investigation

Casa Rosso Shooting

The police were also searching for evidence at the Volendammerweg on Saturday night with the help of search dogs. Witnesses spoke about two men who were having an argument. The place is a few hundred meters away from where the shooting in North took place on Saturday night. Spokesman Dortland indicates that “all possible escape routes from the perpetrators have been searched.”


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