Man who shot woman in vagina sentenced to ten years in prison

David Andrew Jeffers shot woman in vagina with shotgun

Shot in Vagina

During a sex game that went out of control in a hotel in Stockport, England a 46-year-old woman was shot in her vagina. The woman survived the incident that occurred on January 31st this year. The perpetrator, 47-year-old David Andrew Jeffers (image), was sentenced last week to ten years in prison.

The court found that the 47-year-old Jeffers didn’t commit the crime on purpose. Jeffers stated that the weapon went off accidentally.

Under the influence

The two got to know each other the day before the incident and were under the influence of cocaine and alcohol during their adventures. The two fantasized how it would be if the man placed a firearm inside the womans vagina and decided to make this fantasy reality. Then the shotgun accidentally went off. The woman was hit in her bladder, vagina and urethra.

Police stockport shooting vagina woman

Jeffers said he started to panic at that point and called the hotel’s reception instead of the general emergency number. He told the receptionist that emergency medical attention was needed. Jeffers then fled the hotel. He took the gun with him and dumped it somewhere in a trash bin in Stockport. Then he traveled to his hometown of Leeds. He was seen on CCTV images.

Pool of blood

The receptionist found the woman in a pool of blood. The victim was transferred to the hospital where she underwent several operations. Against the doctors, the woman later declared that Jeffers wanted to kill her. She labeled him as a “bad man”.

After his flight, Jeffers cut off his hair and grew his beard. Yet he was caught. On his phone the police found messages about purchasing a firearm. Jeffers DNA was found on a glass in the hotel room where the incident occurred.

The victim will suffer for the rest of her life from the consequences of her injuries. She will also have to undergo several different surgeries.


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