This man sold tons of drugs from his prison cell (VIDEO)

Jarvis Chimenes Pavão selling drugs from prison cell

Prison Cell

Prison Cell – Brazilian authorities managed to dismantle an international drug network. Several gang members bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs from a Brazilian mafia boss who is serving a prison sentence in Paraguay. This Jarvis Chimenes Pavão (image) sold drugs from his VIP cell in Tacumbú (video footage of his prison cell can be found below) including 4.5 tons of cocaine and marijuana.

Ronny Pavão brother murdered gang war sparked

According to the authorities, Pavão is also responsible for a violent war between different drug gangs operating in the border area between Paraguay and Brazil. The mafia boss ordered the murder of Jorge Rafaat Toumani, a major drug trafficker. After the murder in 2016, the brother of Pavão was assassinated (Image) as a retaliation. It led to a long and bloody drug war.

Prison Uprisings

Pavão is on a long list of Latin American drug bosses who are still actively involved in organized crime from prison. Pavão himself was arrested in Paraguay in 2009 and sentenced to eight years. The US has requested his extradition. This year, however, the Brazilian drug boss would be brought to his country of origin. Pavão wanted to avoid that at all cost and caused great unrest in the prison where he was detained. It led to a series of prison uprisings in Paraguay. In Tacumbú, where Pavão is detained, a heavy explosive was disarmed by bomb disposal technicians just in time. This prevented the escape of a large number of prisoners.

Below is the video footage that the Paraguayan TV network ABC Color was allowed to make from Pavao’s personal VIP-cell, which also served as a sort of office. The room includes a medicine cabinet, fridge, flat screen TV and a built-in air conditioning. Seems like the perfect place to run a drugs network because it’s best to hide in plain sight.


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