The truth about Manchester’s Homeless Hero Chris Parker

The truth about Manchesters Homeless Hero Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Chris Parker – It might have been the only positive story during the terrible terrorist attack in Manchester: a homeless man who decide to help the victims. The story turned out to be completely different, however: he turned out to steal from the victims of the Manchester bombing.

What started as a beautiful evening for many, turned out to be hell. At the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, a bomb was detonated by the 22-year-old terrorist Salman Abedi. 22 people were killed and 120 people were injured.

Homeless Hero

After the explosion, panic arose at the concert hall. Chris Parker happened to be in the area and helped a number of wounded people. For example, the homeless man told media that he moved a dead woman during the attack and a that he tied a T-shirt on a girl’s wounds in order to stop the bleeding. The story soon became worldwide headlines and even 50,000 pounds were collected for the man.

‘I fell on the ground because of the explosion, but instead of running away I decided to help. I heard children screaming, I had no choice, “the man told the British press. Two weeks later he said: “They consider me a hero, but I am not. I am an ordinary man. “But this ‘ordinary’ man turned out to be a thief, stealing from the dead.


Today, the 33-year-old Chris Parker had to appear in court because of what he did during the attack. During all the commotion, he stole an ATM card, handbag and phone from a wounded grandmother, stole an iPhone 6 from an injured teenager and paid with stolen money at a McDonald’s shortly after the attack. Security images show how he scanned the bags and pockets of the wounded and dead.

Parker admitted to two charges of thefts. These were shown on security footage that was shown in court. The lawyer of the 33-year-old then went on to say that his client wanted to apologize for his ‘terrible behavior’.

On the run

The lawsuit was actually planned to start yesterday, but it became clear that Parker was on the run for over a month after he had paid his bail. The police, however, found him in a building soon after and therefore the case could continue only a day later. The process will take three days in total.


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