Mass graves of hundreds IS killed civilians found in Iraq

authorities in Iraq discovered five mass graves full of civilians killed by IS

Mass graves

In the Iraqi province of Kirkuk, five mass graves have been discovered with hundreds of civilians executed by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. That was reported by Iraqi authorities at a press conference on Saturday, where reporters of CNN were present.

The press meeting was held at the discovered mass grave in the Al-Bakara area, just above the city of Hawija. That region was in American hands back in 2011. “We are here at the site where four hundred civilians have been dragged and barbarically killed by IS,” said Governor Kirkuk Rakan Saeed.

The governor has asked the Iraqi government and a human rights commission to come to see the five mass graves to identify the bodies through DNA testing.


The oil-rich area Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, was taken by IS in 2014. Kurdish troops managed to push IS away from the area but refused to leave after. Iraqi forces took over the area in October from the Kurds.

According to human rights organizations, over 183,000 people, mainly Kurds, fled from the region during the conflict.


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