Mass Murder suspect arrested in Mexico

mastermind behind the mass murder at the US mexican border has been arrested Martiniano de Jesus Los Zetas member

Mass Murder

Mass Murder – In Mexico, a man was arrested this Tuesday. The man is suspected of being the mastermind of mass murders of illegal migrants in northeastern Mexico. In 2010 and 2011 hundreds of people were slaughtered in the desert near the Texan border. They were on their way to the United States.

72 migrants

Martiniano de Jesus, alias “N” aged 56 was part of Mexican crime syndicate Los Zetas. He was detained in a hospital in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas. He would have coordinated the mass murder of 72 migrants in the town of San Fernando in August 2010.

The video footage below can be considered shocking:

Migrants who were on their way in buses through the desert were kidnapped by the Zetas and blindfolded at a remote ranch, lined up against a wall and shot dead. According to the file, the migrants were told that they had to start working for the Zetas. Some bodies showed signs of torture. One man survived by playing dead.


In 2011, several mass graves were discovered in the area. In that year, 193 bodies were recovered from the grounds of San Fernando.

M is most likely also responsible for the death of an activist in May of this year. Miriam Rodriguez was looking for her daughter for years. It’s believed that her daughter is one of the people shot at San Fernando. More people have been arrested for mass murders, such as commandant “El Kilo“.

In 2011, the killings stopped after the Mexican marines started operating in the area. The Zetas have lost strength in recent years, partly through mutual rivalry.



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