Massive weapon depot used to arm terrorists discovered in Spain

Weapon depot spanish police

Weapon Depot

Weapon depot Spain – The Spanish National Police have released images of a massive weapon depot which was seized on January 12th of this year. It involves more than 10,000 automatic rifles, heavy caliber machine guns, 400 grenades as well as pistols and revolvers.

The group bought legally deactivated firearms in Spain and other European countries that were then made usable again and sold to the black market. Police say they require weeks to make an accurate inventory of all the weapons.

In January, Spanish police arrested a group that possibly supplied arms to terrorist in the Netherlands. The Guardia Civil in Spain intercepted the shipment of military weapons that was heading to the Netherlands. During this transport two Dutch men were arrested. The Guardia Civil suspected that the weapons were destined for terrorists in the Netherlands.


A pile of ammunition, four grenade launchers, a machine gun, an AK-47 rifle and 32 hand grenades were amongst the things that were seized when the spanish police discovered the shipment. The organization worked from nearby Malaga and traded weapons for drugs. The weapons originated from the former Yugoslavia. During searches in Mijas, Marbella and Estepona agents also found several kilos of marijuana, a substantial quantity of cocaine, a pistol, cash and several luxury vehicles.


A total of sixteen people have been arrested from different nationalities. In addition to an unknown number of Dutch men it includes Belgians, Colombians, Moroccans and Chileans. The investigation, according to the Guardia Civil began in September 2015 when an SUV was found in the coastal town of Mijas carrying a series of weapons and explosives. The merchandise was wrapped in Dutch newspapers.


A major investigation was immediately launched  because it was believed that the weapons could possibly be delivered to terrorists in France or the Netherlands. Connections from the arms dealers with terrorism suspects were also confirmed, according to the Guardia Civil. The investigation led to the Dutch and Belgians living in Mijas and Marbella.

Click here to read Europol’s article on this subject.


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