Meet the worlds and FBI most wanted cyber criminal

Cyber criminal Evgeniy M. Bogachev

Cyber Criminal 

Cyber criminal Evgeniy Bogachev – The FBI has offered a reward for the tip that leads to the arrest of Mr. Evgeniy Bogachev (photo). Three million dollars is what you get when you turn in the Russian, who is suspected of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from bank accounts. Bogachev is believed to be living a luxurious life on the Black Sea. And the Russians government? they don’t have any problem with him living the good life of stolen money.

Bogachev would have infected a staggering number of computers around the world with a virus which acquired total control of those computers. He was able to plunder bank accounts worldwide. Especially organizations, including police stations, but also of wealthy individuals. The Russian hacker used various online aliases, such slavik, lucky12345 and polling soon.


According to employees of the FBI the 33-year-old Bogachev lives in Anapa, a resort on the Black Sea, where he leads a life of luxury, including his own very large yacht. He also owns an apartment in Moscow. Aleksandr Panin, a Russian hacker who is in prison in the US, had occasionally contact with Bogachev, he told the New York Times. But almost no one, including Panin, has met the wealthy Bogachev personally. An investigator from the FBI called the Russian man extremely paranoid. Outside of his wife and two children he trust no one.

nothing to fear

Bogachev has as of now nothing to fear from the Russian authorities. The official position of the Russian justice department is that as long Bogachev hasn’t committed a crime in Russia, he can not be arrested. In addition, the Russians have no extradition treaty with the Americans. But more important is that the Russians watched along with Bogachev while he plundered bank accounts everywhere. The Russian secret service gained access to a huge number of computers with confidential information thanks to Bogachev. The FBI suspects that the Russians could access the computers of prominent Democrats trough the hacker. The arrest of Bogachev is therefore not in the interest of the Russians.


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