Mexican Restaurant turns into bloodbath: five dead (Video)

5 people shot and killed at a restaurant in Irapuato, mexico


In the Mexican city of Irapuato five people were shot and killed. The 5 people were eating at local restaurant, La Parranda when two armed men walked into the restaurant and opened fire. The other guests quickly hid underneath the tables to avoid the gunfire.

On video camera footage, you can see how the first shooter shot at the restaurant guests with a shotgun from close range. Later, a second shooter joins the party. This man is looking for money. “Three people were transferred to the hospital, two of whom died. The total number of deaths is at five and one is still severely injured, “police chief Samuel Ugalde told local media.


According to the chief, companies in the region must take better measures to prevent public shootings like this. The two gunmen have not been arrested yet, but the search and investigation are still in progress.

This is not the first time these random bloodbaths occur. At this childs birthday party in mexico 11 people were shot and killed.


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