One million dutch XTC pills Seized in Djakarta Indonesia

One million dutch XTC pills Djakarta Indonesia


The Indonesian police found more than a million XTC pills in warehouse in Djakarta. According to one of the arrested suspects, the pills originate from the Netherlands. According to the Indonesian authorities, the XTC has a street value of about 40 million euros.

The pills were packaged in 120 packs of about 2.2 kilograms each. The police arrested two men in connection with the case. One of them is the drug carrier. It is suspected that this drug trafficking was organized by a prisoner on the infamous prison island Nusakambangan. Both men are risking the death penalty. During the action of the Indonesian police one drug dealer has been shot dead.

Prouth indonesian police dutch xtc pills 40 million euros


Indonesia is an important sales market for drugs. Recent data from Indonesia’s National Drug Agency (BNN) show that most drug users live in the capital Djakarta. According to the agency, Indonesia has about 5 million drug users. 600,000 to 1.2 million of them live in the Indonesian capital.
Indonesia has very heavy penalties for drug trafficking. The country has no drug tolerance policy. If you are caught trafficking drugs you will most likely receive the death penalty.

Last week a Dutch man was arrested in Indonesia and is risking 12 years in prison for possessing 0,83 grams of hashish. You can read that article by clicking here !



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