Mitch Henriquez death not caused by strangulation from police officers

Mitch Henriquez

Mitch Henriquez

It is highly unlikely that Mitch Henriquez death was caused by strangulation. This is the conclusion of the forensic doctor who was asked to investigate Henriquez’s by the lawyers of the accused officers. The medical report mentions cardiac arrest or cardiac arrhythmia as the most likely cause of death.

The court in The Hague has decided not to proceed with the trial for now. Which was scheduled for April 6. The Henriquez family had already arrived from Aruba to attend the case.

“The cause of death of Mr. Henriquez is an important factor in the case. Therefore, the submitted report should be reviewed”. The pathologist and another forensic doctor should be given the opportunity to provide written comments.

Video footage of the arrest of Mitch Henriquez shows that Mitch was already unconscious before police officers threw him in the car. The police officers on trial claim Henriquez was alive and well when they placed him in his holding cell.

Not as strong

Lawyer Richard Korver who defends the familie of Henriquez is to say the least not amused about the publication of the report. According to him, the forensic doctor did not examine the body of Henriquez himself. “Besides, he is basing his findings on assumptions which in this case are not as strong or trustworthy”.

Mitch Henriquez riots

The 42-year-old Mitch Henriquez died in late June 2015 after he was arrested by the police during the festival Night at the Park. He died later in the hospital. He had violently resisted arrest, the police officers used a choke to gain control over Henriquez. Two officers are being prosecuted, three others were penalized by their employer. The corps leaders acknowledged earlier that major mistakes were made during the arrest of Henriquez.


The death of Mitch henriquez sparked major riots in The Hague. What started as a peaceful protest by 500 people quickly turned in to an all out war. The demonstration got out of hand when some rioters wanted to storm the police station, the mobile unit (ME) had to take action to keep the demonstrators away. It remained turbulent in the area untill late at night.



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