Mocro Maffia: Reason behind severed head Nabil Amzieb

    nabil amzieb

    The reason behind severed head Nabil Amzieb in front of shisha lounge.

    New information has leaked out about the severed head of Nabil Amzieb that was found earlier this year in front of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam. Nabil was killed to make sure other witnesses involved wouldn’t talk to law enforcement.

    Start of the so called “Mocro Maffia”.

    The war between the two rivaling drug gangs belonging to Gwenette M. and Benaouf A. started because of a stolen shipment of cocaine in the port of Antwerp early 2012. Since then there have been back and forth killings between members of these rivaling gangs. Around 20 people have already been killed including one of the leaders, Gwennete M.

    Gwenette Martha
    Gwenette Martha

    Nabil amzieb’s death.

    Nabil amzieb was reported missing a week before his head was found in front of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam. The police expects that he has been kept and tortured during this week. The headless body of Nabil was found in a burnt out car in Amsterdam-Southeast one day before the discovery of the actual head.

    There’s footage of the man who placed the head and law enforcement is still looking for this person. In the video you can see the man carrying a garbage bag with the head of Nabil Amzieb. He places the head in front of the Shisha lounge and makes a run for it.

    If you want to see the actual head of Nabil Amzieb you can do so by clicking here. This image is considered shocking.

    Who was Nabil Amzieb.

    Law enforcement doesn’t believe that Nabil Amzieb was a major factor in the ongoing war between the two rivaling gangs. He doesn’t have an extensive criminal history and isn’t showing up in any of the tapped phone calls.

    The only real connection that can be made is that Nabil Amzieb was friends with one of the two victims that were killed in the Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam on the 29th of December 2015 and with the 4 men that got arrested when they were on their way to carry out the hit on Samir Z.

    The arrest of 4 of his friends.

    Silver BMW Samir Z

    The stolen BMW that was supposed to be used during the hit on Samir Z. was discovered early by police. They noticed a silver BMW that hadn’t moved for a long time, did a license plate check and found out that the car was stolen. After that they went inside to look for evidence, what they found was a bunch of Kalashnikov’s, a jerrycan with gasoline and a GPS tracker. Law enforcement found a GPS beacon underneath the car of Samir Z. and decided to warn him. His car was towed to a safe location and extensively monitored.

    The police decided to deactivate the weapons and place them back in the car to see what would happen. They also placed microphones and had 24/7 surveillance on the car.

    On the 1st of February 2015 the car started to move towards the car of Samir Z. During this time the police followed them through the air and on the ground. The 4 men were eventually pushed of the road and arrested.

    During trial.

    Trial nabil amzieb

    The information from the microphones and the cell phones of the 4 men led to prison terms ranging from 8 to 12 years for the attempted murder of Samir Z. None of the men wanted to give up information in return for sentence reduction. They were all afraid because of the brutal death of their friend Nabil the day before sentencing.

    It seems that Nabil was used as a method to keep the 4 men from giving up the names of the persons who ordered the hit. The brutal murder had to be done to make sure that none of the suspects would talk and apparently it worked.One of the suspects said in court; I don’t want my mother to see my severed head in front of her door.


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