Money making sunday – Credit card fraud is a lucrative business

Credit card fraud

Money making sunday: Credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud is in short terms, using a payment card to buy items while intending to evade payment.

Forms of credit card fraud.

There are two main forms of credit card fraud.

The first is application fraud.

Application fraud is when you open up a credit card account under someone else’s name. This can happen when someone is able to obtain all information about his victim that is needed to complete a credit card application form. (we wont be focusing on this one today because it requires a lot of time and effort).

The second one is account hijacking.

Account hijacking is when you use an existing credit card to make fraudulent transactions. (this is the one we’ll be focusing on because it’s the easiest and fastest)

How to get credit card information.

magnectic stripe reader credit card fraud
Magnetic stripe reader

Again there are two main methods for getting credit card information.

– Swiping the cards yourself.
– Buying them of the internet.

If you happen to work in a restaurant, hotel or any place where they have customers using a payment card your set. Buy a magnetic stripe card reader by clicking here. They will set you back around a $100 but they are definitely worth it. As soon as your victim hands you their card, swipe it through your mag reader and you’re done.

If you want to buy credit card information here is the place to go. Buy a credit card that is from your region. If you cant find one search the web. You will definitely find a few more website that have stolen credit card information for sale.

Some tips for buying stolen credit card information:

– Use a public WiFi connection to buy the information.
– Buy a credit card that has Track 1, 2 and 3 information.
– Don’t buy just one. Not all credit cards will work and it’s always good to have a back up.

Collecting your information.

If you have stored the data on a magnetic card reader you will have the information to your disposal as soon as you plug the reader on to your computer. All the data you need will be nicely formatted and laid out for you.

If you bought the credit card data you will receive a long string of numbers referred to as the Track 1, 2 and 3 code. This code holds the information on the credit card. Most if not all websites that sell credit card information will supply you with a converter that changes these long strings of numbers in actual words.

What to do with the information.

House for sale

You’re now going to use the information on the credit card to purchase goods or services. Again don’t do this from your own internet connection. Just use a public WiFi. Try to buy your goods on websites that have a lot of customers. This way you won’t be looking out of place.

Don’t deliver the goods to your house because you will get caught. I found the best method is to go and look for a house that is for sale. Order a bunch of products on that address from different web shops and just see which ones make it. (Don’t buy all the products with your stolen credit card information on one website, make small purchases on different websites and use new information for each one). Many postal workers won’t pay attention to the fact that there’s no one living in the house and will just leave the package in front of the door or in the garbage container. Make sure to add a note to your order saying you might not be at home and they’re allowed to place it their. Be happy with the ones that do get through and don’t get mad over the ones that didn’t.

Another good method is to buy goods that can fit in the mailbox. Just make sure that there’s no connection between you and the owner of that mailbox. Maybe someone in your apartment complex has a mailbox that can’t be locked anymore. Order the goods and take them out of the mailbox as soon as they arrive.

Selling the goods.

Selling items on craigslist

Don’t hold on to your products. The best thing is to sell them as fast as you can because these items link you to the crime. As a result you will get arrested and most likely convicted. Go to an hotel lobby, place an ad on Craigslist and sell the goods there for 20–35 % under it’s retail value. I’ll guarantee you it wont be yours for long.

Some tips:

– Buy more lower valued items rather than one expsensive product. Not everyone buys expensive stuff. If the credit card owner has never spent over $500 with his payment card then the credit card company will immediately flag the order as fraudulent.

– Don’t get greedy. Most people get caught because they only want more and more.  Take your time and do it with common sense because you might regret it later.

– Most credit card owners are insured for credit card fraud by the companies that give out these cards. You’re basically fucking the credit card companies out of their cash. They’ve fucked us for years so i believe it’s justified.

– Keep up to date with security measures. Credit card companies don’t like being screwed out of their money therefore they are doing everything to prevent credit card fraud from happening. Keep up to date with the security measures they’re taking. This can prevent you from making mistakes.

Got any tips or methods that you prefer? Share them in the comments below!

Want to learn more about credit card fraud and different way’s to do it? Watch this video.

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