Mother and son suspected of killing sons 52-year-old father

Mother and son suspected of killing the boys 52-year-old father


23-year-old Ferjo C. is suspected of shooting his father together with his mother, 52-year-old Trijn R. The victim (51) was found on the 21st of August of this year in a house on the Nova Zemblastraat in Amsterdam. He was shot several times in his body and head.

The two have reported themselves to the police shortly after the discovery of the physical body of the man. According to local news station AT5, the victim would be known to the police. For exactly what the 51-year-old man was known to the police is unknown.


The pair should appear in court next week. It is a pro forma session. The two are not only suspected of killing the victim, they would also have wrapped up the body in plastic. Then the two approached one or more persons to try and get them to “clear” the body in exchange for money

Eyewitnesses would have heard four to five shots.


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