The murder on Elco Gjaltema was not a mistaken identity

Elco Gjaltema

Murder Elco Gjaltema no mistaken identity

Elco Gjaltema who was shot and killed yesterday near the Panama club was a nice guy. He wasn’t a huge criminal but sold a little bit of cannabis from time to time. Friends and family of Elco say it’s a mystery who killed him. He looked brutal with all of his tattoos but was a gentle man. They can’t think of anyone who would want to see Elco dead.

Police rule out that the shot and killed Elco Gjaltema has been the victim of mistaken identity. Elco Gjaltema, a beloved young man in the BMX-cycling scene was also active in the criminal world, which concludes the investigation. The TV shows AT5 will make a new episode on the murder for Elco Gjaltema to attract some new attention to the case.

Concerns Elco Gjaltema

I had similar concerns and even got information from the criminal environment. More and more pictures of the victim starting popping up immediately after his murder. People who are involved in crime started calling me stating that Elco was a known person in the cannabis trade.

And finally the judge admits it’s not a mistaken identity but a deliberate liquidation. Police expects Elco Gjaltema has been shot dead because other criminals suspect him to be responsible for a lost shipment of cocaine.

Mouth shut

It always guessing at the reason why Elco Gjaltema was murdered because the perpetrators are not going to tell us. Any fellow drug dealers or smuggler is making a wise decision by keeping their mouth shut because they might be the next one to bite the dust.

Police say’s that it’s starting to happen a lot. Small thieves who think they have found the jackpot and end up getting shot by the big guys. These people don’t know what they are signing up for and end up paying the biggest price there is.


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