Murder Rate New York City in 2017 Reaches Historic Low

murder rate new york city in 2017 back to historic low

New York

The murder rate in the city of New York is back to the times before Elvis Presley. A new low record will be set in 2017: up to Wednesday the 27th of December 2017 286 deaths. This figure is lower than 300 for the first time since the 1950s.


In 2016 the death count on the 27th of December was 329 deaths. In 1990, the number of violent deaths in New York was at its highest: 2,262.

The NYPD says in the Wall Street Journal that the cause of the steady decline is partly in the approach based on previously collected data. With this computer system, the NYPD precisely keeps track of the neighborhoods in which the risk of crime is high and then deploys more staff there. Another factor is that the NYPD explicitly targets risk groups and previous offenders.

Furthermore, the NYPD says that better relationships with the population in problem areas is showing its effect. City improvement and investment in various areas by the municipality is also reflected in the form of fewer murders.


The situation in areas that were notorious in the 1970s and 80s, such as certain parts of Harlem and the Bronx, has greatly improved. The areas with the most murders in New York are now located in the Brooklyn boroughs of East Flatbush and Cypress Hills.

In general, crime rates in New York show a declining trend for most offenses. That also applies to rape. Only the numbers for minor sexual offenses such as sexual assault have increased.

The public can keep track of crime rates in their neighborhood on a weekly basis in New York over the internet.


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