The mystery of the missing former Hells Angels member Rezan Cakici

Rezan Cakici Missing hells angels member germany

Hells Angels

Hells Angels – Last Thursday, two men were shot in an office building in Oldenburg, Germany. A 65-year-old man did not survive the shooting, a 60-year-old man was severely injured. The oldest man is Rezan Cakici’s uncle. The youngest victim is Cakici’s father. Rezan Cakici himself has disappeared from the earth since 3 weeks.


The 29-year-old Rezan Cakici was last seen in a shisha lounge in Oldenburg, a small city just west of Bremen.

Bad standing

The former Hells Angels member made many enemies over time, also within the Hells Angels. He would have obscured big sums of money. It ultimately resulted in Cakici being forced out of the motor club in August 2014. Since then, Cakici and his family have been regularly threatened. Thus, Cakici senior received several 9mm bullets in his mailbox.

Criminal record

The criminal record of Rezan Cakici is a long one. He was convicted 27 times for abuse, death threats and insults. There is still a procedure going on against him because of a robbery and an abuse case. Justice in Germany thinks that the disappearance of Cakici is to settle some bills and fears that he is not alive.

After the shooting in Oldenburg, where Cakici’s uncle died and his father was severely injured, the police arrested a suspect. Several different media say it’s a 38-year-old man and a known person to the Cakici family. Justice hopes to learn more about the fate of the disappeared Rezan Cakici through information from this possible shooter.


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