Naoufal Fassih alias Noffel from the kinahan cartel can’t stay out of trouble

Naoufal Fassih

Naoufal Fassih

Naoufal Fassih can’t stay out of trouble – The public prosecution in the Netherlands suspects Naoufal F. alias noffel for giving the order on the failed assassination attempt on Peter R., in the fall of 2015. However no new elements or proof of this was provided by the public prosecution this friday. The Amsterdam District Court considered the hearing on friday as another pretrial hearing in the case.


Four defendants are on trial for the shooting in Diemen in wich Peter R. was seriously injured. One of them is still at large. Naoufal F., who was transported from Ireland to the Netherlands last week, according to the OM paid the four twenty year olds who are on trial to kill Peter R. Important evidence in this case are the messages  in which suspects communicate with one person named “Belly,” which is Noffel’s nickname.


The case against Naoufal F. will be handled separately by the court, according to them this is because of practical reasons, and also because the police investigation on Naoufal is still running. There’s possibly new evidence against him, but the prosecution decided to keep it dry this Friday. The question of whether the prosecution will prosecute Naoufal F. for the murders he ordered on several criminals remained unanswered.

There was a small indication that Noffel was the driving force between all of these (attempted) murders. Prosecutor Koos Plooij had told in an earlier session that he assumed that the girlfriend of F. had given money in the name of Noffel  given to the suspects. This matched the overall picture of Noffel’s responsibility for the attack on Peter R. – wich took place shortly afterwards.


Friday Plooij said he now has a ‘strong presumption’ to the contrary. He’s going to assume that two suspects went to noffel to bring him money (€3000) and not to get paid. According to him, this emerged from messages and an explanation of Naoufal’s girlfriend. The woman flew to Dublin, Ireland not long afterwards where Noffel was staying at the time.

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