Who is New York terrorist Saifullah Saipov ?

terrorist attack Manhatten New York Saifullah Saipov

Saifullah Saipov

Saifullah Saipov – The 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Salpov drove into a crowd of people last night in Manhattan. Eight people are dead and twelve others were injured.

Salpov is born in Uzbekistan. From that country, he moved to the United States around seven years ago, despite having no residence permit. In the states of Ohio and Florida, he worked as a truck driver before moving to the New York Region. There he was employed as an Uber driver. “He seemed like a nice person who loved to be in the US. He did not come across as a terrorist, “says an acquaintance of the man to the New York Times.


The man would have committed the attack in the name of Islamic State. In his car, police found a note, which confirms that. In addition, he yelled Allahu Akbar (God is great in Arabic when he stepped out of the car. At the moment Saifullah Saipov is in hospital, to get treatment for a shotwound. An officer shot the man in his stomach, so he could be arrested.

car used by islamic state terrorist Saifullah SaipovThe car used by Salpov


The man drove a hired pickup truck for an hour and a half on a bicycle lane in Manhattan. There he drove into unsuspecting citizens. Eventually he came to halt against a school bus. Then the perpetrator jumped out of his car with two fake guns.

Mayor Bill de Blasio calls the attack ‘a terrible terrorist act and a sore day for the city.’ President Donald Trump has also responded. He calls Saifullah Saipov a sick and mentally disturbed person. For the first time, we fully agree with the president.


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