NFL player Quanterus Smith crashes car while chased by police (Video)

Quanterus Smith police chase arrested AT&T Robbery

Quanterus Smith

former NFL player Quanterus Smith (27) has been arrested after a wild police chase last week. Smith came to a halt after he managed to hit a tree with his car. The former NFL player is suspected of an armed robbery and is awaiting trial.

Police images show how Quanterus Smith tries to escape the following officers at high-speed. According to the police, Smith would have been involved in armed robbery at an AT &T store with two other men. During this robbery 10 phones and $500 in cash was stolen.

After the robbery, the men together with their stolen iPhones got into the car and drove away. They did not manage to get that far away however. A few minutes after the robbery police finds the car matching the description and gave chase. Eventually the suspects crash with their car against a tree.

Smith made close to $1 Million dollars in signing bonuses since being drafted. But is already out robbing stores of phones. A small course in finances wouldn’t have hurt the young man.


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