Norbert Vaclavic alias Igor the Russian arrested in Spain

Norbert Vaclavic, alias rambo and Igor the russian arrested in spain

Norbert Vaclavic

It took a while. For months Italy was searching for a foreign ex-soldier nicknamed ‘Rambo’ and ‘Igor The Russian‘. Norbert Vaclavic, his real name, has now been arrested. He was arrested after a shooting in the Spanish Ventorillo, during which two officers and a civilian were killed. He has since been extradited back to Italy, to the province of Emilia Romagna, where he has committed most of his crimes.


‘Igor’ has been charged with the murders of several people. He appeared on the news at the beginning of April this year after he had shot a man during a robbery in the town of Budrio near Bologna. Then he fled into the woods around Bologna. The Italian authorities gathered a whole army to find him, but that did not work out.


Vaclavic, is originally from Serbia. He is believed to have served in the army in his homeland, and even there he managed to end up on a wanted list. In Italy, he lived for a long time. He managed to stay alive by stealing vegetables and eggs from farmers and by committing multiple robberies. Shortly after the fatal robbery in Budrillo, he shot a person in an open field.


When he notices that the police is after him, he leaves with a stolen boat to the south of Spain, where he ends up in the southern province of Andalusia. The Spanish authorities quickly find out about him and want to arrest him. But that wasn’t going to happen without a struggle. After an insane shooting which killed 3 people the Guardia Civil can finally arrest Vaclavic.



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