The top 3 most notable crimes caught on video of this week

Top 3 Crimes caught on video

Top Crimes

An armored car getting blown up in South Africa, an owner of a new car in India is going berserk and an American man gets shot dead with his own gun by the police. In short, our weekly selection of the most memorable crimes caught on video. Look after the break.
It was another violent week with numerous incidents recorded by surveillance cameras and body cams. Our finest selection below.

1. In Johannesburg, South Africa traffic was brought to a halt when a group of robbers blocked an armoured cash truck. The armored trucks tires were shot. The attackers surrounded the car and planted an explosive on the back. On the video you can see, How the door explodes. The robbers managed to get away with the cash.

2. In India, owning a car is a little more special than it is here. Two men on a scooter try to steal one of the mirrors of the new car, the owner reacts a little annoyed, to put it mildly.

3. Finally, in the American state of Utah this week a man was shot by police after he was reaching for a gun from his hoodie during his arrest. The officer grabs the gun from him and shoots at least eight bullets at the men. The officers bodycam captures everything. The 38-year-old Nicolas Sanchez died on the spot. Officers said that the 38-year old Sanchez had a long criminal history and was known to be armed and unpredictable.

Here is another video of the same incident, made by the bodycam of the policeman’s colleague.

Let us know if you want to make this “top crimes caught on video” in to a weekly thing !


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