Notorious villa Médoc Avenue closed by authorities

Villa at médoc avenue closed by the major of Eindhoven

Médoc Avenue

The mayor of Eindhoven decided to close a villa on the Médoc Avenue for a year. Remnants of a drugs lab and a cannabis farm were found in the property. This specific villa was mentioned earlier in the news because three years ago there was a shootout between members of motorcycle club Satudarah and No Surrender.

After the shooting, for which several men were convicted, the police started monitoring the house. After several complaints of neighbors had arrived at the municipality of Eindhoven, the BITE Intervention Team Eindhoven decided to raid the villa this Wednesday.

Tens of thousands of pills

That team, consisting of municipal officials, police, and firemen, found the cannabis farm in the villa. They also discovered remains of a lab for the production of synthetic drugs, the police concluded that tens of thousands of pills were produced there. In addition, clothing of a motor club was found.

Below is the video of the shooting at the villa.


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