German nurse suspect in 106 mysterious deaths

German nurse Niels Högel most likely responsible for over 100 deaths


A German nurse who is already serving a life sentence for killing six patients is probably responsible for more deaths. This became clear when the interrogations of his first trial were investigated. During that process, Niels Högel (40) gave the police new clues with his statements.

Intensive care

Högel is suspected of several things he committed during his work between 2000 and 2005 in two hospitals in Delmenhorst near Bremen and Oldenburg. It has been proven that he gave severely ill patients in intensive care medicines to provoke a cardiac arrest. After that, he could resuscitate the patients which according to him gave him a nice feeling. He also did it because his colleagues would see him saving lives. However, many patients did not survive this. Eventually, a colleague caught him.

106 cases

After the trial, the investigation continued. Over 130 ex-patients files have been excavated and have been analyzed. In the meantime, the suspicion is now at 106 deadly “treatments” by Högel. There are indications that there may even be more cases.

A new trial against Högel will be brought to court in 2018.


The process also revealed that at Oldenburg’s hospital there were reasons to keep an eye on Högel’s activities. The hospital had statistics that showed that the number of deaths and sudden resuscitation increased when Högel was working. He was therefore fired, but the hospital didn’t report it to the police and gave him a good reference. This allowed him to continue with his deadly practice at his new job at Delmenhorst’s hospital.

Also, two former doctors and the head of the IC department in Oldenburg will have to appear in court for manslaughter.


Högel admits he has “let evil enter him.” He said to have enjoyed the contact with people and supporting patients ‘in difficult times’. He also said:

I am glad that I eventually got caught. I am grateful to that person. He was the only one who did not hide what happened.


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