One third of global youth admit to committing cybercrime

One third of youth admits to committing cybercrime


Cybercrime – Three out of ten young people (12-22 years old) say, that they have committed an online crime in the last year. This was the conclusion after the presentation this Tuesday by the Monitoring of Youth Crime Monitor at the Science and Documentation Center (WODC) of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

For example, logging on to a computer or network without permission, changing someone else’s passwords, acting as someone else on the Internet, threatening someone online, or sending someone’s erotic images of him or her.

But as the online opportunities keep growing, the opportunities to commit crimes also rise. In the near future, WODC will conduct research into the extent to which young people are involved in cybercrime.

Questions include; the characteristics of young people who are guilty of online crime. Do they have the same characteristics as their peers who committed the same crime offline? How big is the overlap between these groups?


”Most prevention measures are now aimed at young people who are guilty of an offline crime. The question is whether these measures also work for young people who commit these same crimes online, “said WODC director Frans Leeuw on Tuesday in The Hague after the presentation of the Monitoring of Youth Crime. In addition, online crimes have been investigated thoroughly for the first time.

”The digital world is very complicated and changes fast,” said Leeuw. ” Young people are spending more and more time online, not just social, but also asocial. ”

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