82% of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members have criminal record

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Satudarah criminal record

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

Over 80% of the members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs such as No Surrender, Hell’s Angels and Satudarah have a criminal record. That’s the conclusion of criminologist Arjan Blokland in a study with the cooperation of police and the justice department. Professor Blokland, who is affiliated with the University of Leiden, was given access to the judicial records of Outlaw motorcycle gang members.

Blokland compared the criminal records of 601 known to the police “outlaw motorcycle gang” members. He compared those results to a similar group of 300 “normal” members of the same age. Also, 100 judgments were analyzed.


82,4 percent of outlaw motorcycle gang members have a conviction on their name. Compared to the regular bike rider that’s 32,2 percent. Of those convicted 28 percent belongs to the category of “serious criminals” with more than ten Convictions. As many as 57.7 percent are once convicted of a violent offense.


The researchers conclude that outlaw motorcycle gang members are not only more likely to break the law, but also have a longer criminal career in which they ​​commit more serious crimes over time. It is noteworthy that people with criminal tendencies or those who already have a criminal history, can become a member faster than someone without a criminal record.  The entire research report can be read here.


That Police  estimated that about 1,800 people are members of a motorcycle gang. Police commander Miltenburg says: “We see it everywhere within the outlaw motorcycle community: violence, extortion, prostitution, drugs and the possession of firearms. When we do a raid on a member we regularly find weapons. We even found a rocket launcher.”

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