Son Pablo Escobar claims Escobar wasn’t killed by police

Pablo escobar suicide

Pablo Escobar

The son of Colombian drug king Pablo Escobar claims that his father wasn’t killed by police bullets, but that he committed suicide. Escobar jr. claims this in an interview with The Associated Press.


In the Saturday edition Escobar Jr. explains why he thinks his father put an end to his life in the streets of Medellin himself , and not the Colombian special investigative unit called ‘Search Block. His points include the fact that his father on the day of his death, on December 2, 1993, called him seven times, while his father normally never used the phone. “If you touch the phone, you will die,” That’s what he told his son from the age of six

Right ear

Escobar told his son that if you want to commit suicide, you should shoot yourself by your right ear. Pablo Escobar Jr .: “The autopsy revealed that a bullet was shot through his right ear.” Afterwards there was gunshot residue found all over the right side of Escobar’s face. “That’s only possible if you get shot from really close, wich again confirms that he had shot himself”

Pablo escobar grave


Escobar Jr also points out the fact that his father died barefoot. “My father always told me: your shoes are just as important as your gun. You can only run when you have your shoes on. So every night his gun and his shoes laid beside his bed,  – beware – tied together. The picture taken right after his death shows that he had no shoes on. That tells me that the most wanted man in the world no longer wanted to flee, but sought death itself.


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