Parade of violence in chicago during the christmas holidays

Violence in Chicago

Violence in Chicago

Violence in Chicago – The city of Chicago keeps the parade of violence flowing even during the christmas holidays. 61 people got shot and 11 killed during the holiday weekend. This year is described as one of the most violent years for the city of Chicago since decades. Seven people got killed on Christmas Day alone, more than on the past three years combined. Three people were killed in 2015, one in 2014, and two in 2013.

The number of people shot over the weekend is way higher than recent years as well. During the Christmas weekend in 2015, Seven people died. In 2014, when Christmas fell on a Thursday, the four-day weekend got seven people killed. This past weekend pushed the total number of people shot in Chicago this year to more over 4000 and the number of actual deaths from gun violence to around 770. Last year, there were 2,989 shootings and 492 homicides.

Most of the surviving victims are either seriously wounded or critically injured and some of them are still fighting for their lives.

Gang Members

The majority of the shootings and murders were targeted attacks from gang members against other gang members. Most of the shootings happened on the South and West sides of chicago were neighborhoods have been infested with gun violence this year. The gangs made good use of the fact that rivaling gang members would group up to celebrate the holidays togethor. The attacks were followed with several acts of retaliation.

Last victims

The last people who got shot during this long weekend were two young teenage girls in Gresham while waiting in a van for their father, according to police.

The 14-year-old was hit in the back and was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in critical condition. The 13-year-old was shot in the arm and was taken to St. Bernard Hospital. The 13-year-old is in good condition. The 2-year-old remained unharmed according to a police spokesman.


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