Parents write a book with the murderer of their daughter

Murderer Daughter Book


The parents of the in 2011 murdered Renske Hekman decided to write a book with the murderer of their daughter. The man is an asylum seeker, who came to his act while under the influence of antidepressants. During his flight he didn’t only kill Renske, but also took the life of a police officer.

Murderer renske hekman

Fire extinguisher

On April 13, 2011 Alasam Samaria hit his 29-year-old girlfriend to death with a fire extinguisher. The asylum seeker from Benin had been told the day before that he would not get a residence permit. During his flight he was able to take the fire arm of the 48-year-old senior police officer Dick Haveman and eventually kills him, shortly before he was arrested. Samaria will have to spend the next 5 years in prison and TBS, for the murder of the policeman. The court determined in 2014 that he couldn’t be held accountable for the murder of his girlfriend.


In the book “One Compartment Ahead ” the parents of Renske, Eddy Hekman and Samaria Alasam both tell how they experienced this disaster. Samaria writes about how he attacked his girlfriend after he was delusional. His own words: “I tried to get away. Suddenly it seemed that the fire extinguisher came to me. I picked it up immediately and started hitting, hitting and hitting. I lost my girlfriend without even realizing it.”

In an interview with the local newspaper Eddy says: “What I felt when I heard the news, is indescribable. Something crazy must have happened. This was so bizarre, so incomprehensible. “Together with his wife Lieuwkje they wonder whether they want to give a fair picture of the killer, and if they in their anger will highlight only the downsides of Alasam. In the end they decide to help him.


Hekman and his wife had a close relationship with the boyfriend of their daughter, and could hardly imagine how he could have done something like this. They are convinced that their daughters boyfriend was insane because of the use of the antidepressant paroxetine. Throughout the book Hekman asks for attention for this. He discovered that this medicine is associated with incidents across the world where people become aggressive and violent or even commit suicide. The parents of Renske refer to the case of Elzelien K., who killed her husband and daughter with an ax in 2008 and Ids I., who shot three people in one night in February of that year.

During the presentation of the book psychologist and expert Trudy Dehue pointed to the, in her eyes “irresponsibility of the pharmaceutical industry in this area.”



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