Pedophile caught by 12-year-old boy

12-year-old boy lures and catches convicted Pedophile


A 12-year-old boy who lures a pedophile. It sounds like the world in reverse. But Brian from Reimerswaal did not doubt for a second. This week his ‘target’ appeared before the judge.

The pedophile from Nieuwegein, who was convicted for the possession of child pornography years ago, was lured into a trap via a fake profile on Instagram. Behind the lure account, ‘horny girl’ of 15 years old, the even younger Brian was hiding. Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, the then 12-year-old boy from Reimerswaal decided to create a profile of a horny girl of 15 years old.

Child pornography and Animal porn

The 42-year-old child abuser eventually got in his car to meet with ‘horny girl’. A bitter disappointment waited once he arrived on the spot. Instead of being received by a horny girl of 15, the pedophile was awaited by a group of boys with too much free time. During his flight, the Instagram pedophile parked his car against a tree and was eventually arrested by police.

After a long conversation with the police, a large amount of child pornography and animal porn was found on the man’s computer. This week he heard a prison sentence of 431 days and 240 hours of community service against him.

And what does the now 13-year-old Brian think?

“Beautiful, but the prison sentence should be a bit longer if you ask me”


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