Italian police arrested 50 Sacra Corona Unita members (VIDEO)

italian police arrested 50 Sacra Corona Unita members

Sacra Corona Unita

In order to understand why the Sacra Corona Unita is growing so rapidly, we only need to take a short look at italy’s geography. This wide-branched South Italian criminal organization operates from the so-called “heel” of the boot of Italy.

The province of Puglia, A region with many different ports and fishing spots, because of the sea that is nearby. Overseas freight traffic with countries like Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Albania is constantly happening. And of course there are also easy routes to North Africa and Western Europe. In particular criminals from the Balkans have a strong presence in this region.


It is therefore not surprising that the Italian authorities attempted to destroy the Sacra Corona Unita last week. During a massive police raid, fifty members of this organized criminal group have been arrested.

The arrest of those fifty people are not without a reason. Charges include; murder, theft, extortion, arms trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering. It is the follow-up of a series of arrests in December last year. Back then a large number of men were released pretty quickly. The detectives have since then looked at where these men did after their release – and some of them have been arrested again.


The arrests took place in Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto. The fact that the police can now work so fast is because they have the help of a crown witness. This Vincenzo Mandrillo has reportedly given a lot of information about the collaborations within the Sacra Corona Unita.

This is the video showing all the names of the men arrested.


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