Brazilian Police arrests Ndrangheta suspect at São Paulo airport

Vincenzo Macri Italian mafia Ndrangheta Brazilia airport

Ndrangheta Mafia

Ndrangheta Mafia – The Brazilian police have arrested the Italian Vincenzo Macri at São Paulo airport today. Vincenzo Macri, who had a Venezuelan passport, lived in Aalsmeer for many years and was working in the flower trade.

He traveled under the name Angelo Di Giacomo. Police was already looking from him because they believe Vincenzo is a drug trafficker. Police in Italy is now asking for his extradition. As a flower trader in Aalsmeer, Macri had managed to smuggle cocaine from South America into Europe with the help of a family member. He is also suspected of shipping drugs from Morocco to the Netherlands.

His father was Antonio Macri, leader of the ndrangheta, an organized crime gang in the southern region of Calabria who was killed in 1975 during a feud with another criminal group.

Video footage of his arrest in Sao Paulo:


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