Police chase, Street fight, and Shooting in Antwerp

Rivaling drug gangs in Antwerp, belgium

Shooting Antwerp

Antwerp –  On the kool street in the Antwerp borough of Borgerhout, rivaling drug gangs shot at the facade of a house this Tuesday. That has been confirmed by a police spokesman at the Gazet of Antwerp. According to the newspaper, the shooting is likely to be related to a conflict between rival drug gangs, including the Turtles.

The target was the home of a family of an Algerian who was recently released for another shooting. In advance of the shooting, several fights took place in the Bijl and Guldensporenstraat.

In the Bijlstraat a car was found blocked, after which a fight happened. Then there was a chase to the Koolstraat, where it came to a confrontation again. In that fight a shot was fired. The police are investigating whether or not the shot was ment to be at the house.


According to Gazet, the conflict is about stolen cocaine. The group called the Turtles worked in the past with Amsterdam’s criminal Gwennete Martha. Gwennete Martha was shot and killed in may of 2014 over a conflict with the Turtles about a missing shipment of cocaine.

This is the video of outlawed motorcycle gang Satudarah paying their respects at the place of the murder.

The feud between Gwennete Martha and the Turtles had more victims. Click here to read about the severed head found in front of a lounge in Amsterdam.


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