Police of Ecuador intercepted 678 kilos of cocaine destined for Antwerp

Cocaine Ecuador Antwerp port Seized Intercepted


The Ecuador police have intercepted 678 kilos of cocaine in the port of Guayaquil. Police found the drugs during a routine check, according to local newspaper El Tel├ęgrafo. The drugs were packed in 570 smaller packages and were hidden in a container that was transporting bananas and had the Antwerp port as destination. The cocaine was eventually discovered by a sniffer dog.

MSC Vaishnavi R

The cargo would be loaded into the container ship MSC Vaishnavi R. One arrest has been made.

MSC Vaishnavi R Ecuador cocaine Antwerp port

In Ecuador almost 60 tons of drugs were intercepted between January and July. Last year, the total was 90 tonnes. There seems to be a big increase in the amount of drugs that is being transported this year.


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