Police Spain finds 4 tons of cocaine on support ship Thoran

Thoran turkish crew arrested cocaine found on ship spain


Seven men with Turkish nationality were arrested on board of the Thoran.

Spanish police arrested the crew of the Turkish support ship the “Thoran” yesterday. On board, 38,000 kilograms of cocaine bricks were found, distributed over 165 units of each 23 kilograms. Seven people, all of whom have the Turkish nationality, have been arrested.

International investigation

The Spanish criminal investigation department had their eyes on the ship for a long time. In co-operation with other international investigation services – including the British National Crime Agency – a suspicious movement of the ship was registered on September 15th just of the coast of Suriname. From then on, the Thoran was constantly monitored. The fact that the ship has been loaded on the coast of Suriname several times makes a possible Dutch involvement not entirely unlikely.

Spanish police cocaine thoran

Public information

Here is the last maritime information about the Thoran. After the discovery of the cocaine, detention of the crew and seizing of the ship, all kinds of specific data was shielded off from the public. We managed to find out that the ship was built in 1978 and was registered in the Faroe Islands, and thus was in possession of a Danish license.


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