Dutch police releases security footage of coffeeshop shooter



Police in Amsterdam have released security footage of a person who on the early morning of Tuesday, September 27th shot at the coffeeshop Green Palace on the Kloveniersburgwal in Amsterdam-Centrum. He arrived at around 4:15 on a scooter arriving from the direction of the Newmarket.

At the coffeeshop, he puts his scooter to a halt, grabs his gun and starts firing shots at the coffeeshop. He then stood still for some time “to fumble with his gun,” police said, and eventually drove of.


This week, a coffee shop was shot again at the Overtoom in Amsterdam West. Shooting at coffee shop’s has become a real trend. Criminals try to extort entrepreneurs this way because they know that if i a coffee shop gets shot the mayor will force the coffee shop to close its doors. I’ve reported on this before and there has to be paid more attention to this subject. The government is allowing criminals to extort hard-working people this way.


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