Massive police raid in house leader outlaw motorcycle club no surrender

No surrender

No surrender

Outlaw motorcycle club No Surrender has been in the news a lot of times lately. Not only in bad ways but most of them were not in the positive way. Leader of the motorcycle club No Surrender Henk Kuipers’s house was raided by police because of his involvement in an alleged drug’s investigation by police forces. Henk is trying to be active in politics but since he declared this not a lot of good things have happened.

Massive police raid

The police spent some considerable time at the raid of future MP Henk Kuipers this morning  because it has caused for around 25,000 euros in damages during the search of his home in Klazienaveen. This is nothing new of course. The police can do things a little bit different but they will destroy your entire house when they are looking for something. In this case Henk Kuiper’s house was being raided because his name popped up a few times in an ongoing drug’s investigation. All the damages and the costs that are involved when it comes to repairing everything are for Henk himself. Maybe we should do a little crowd funding so Henk can fix his place up.

Henk Kuipers told us that nothing has been found and shows us what damage has been done during the search. The police invaded his house with a SWAT team and one of the man who was living in the house was placed under arrest. According to Henk this man will be released very soon because nothing has been found.


That’s what happens when you try to get involved in politics as the No Surrender Leader. The government ends up wanting to show their teeth and you end up with the shit. Want to learn more about the Motorcycle club No Surrender ? Click here.

Henk ! Never break caracter and just go with the flow. We support you.




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