Police in the Netherlands have their own drug lab

Police in the Netherlands have their own drug lab

Drug Lab

The police in the Netherlands has a number of drug laboratories in use for the training of specialists and SWAT teams. Broadcasting station “Omroep Brabant” were allowed to film a lab under the condition that they kept the location of the drug lab secret. The videos below were all made at such locations.


The drug labs are made of components such as boilers, hoses, gas cylinders and other items that have been seized at actual running drug labs in recent years.

In the police labs, pills are struck and actual chemical processes are taking place. Through this way, officers who do raids at these locations can learn how to deal with labs that are running and how dangerous substances can be released and detected.

Six Labs

Specialists from the police and fire brigade have built a total of six laboratories. A speed lab, amphetamine lab, XTC lab, conversion lab, crystal-meth lab and an experimental lab that is still being worked on. In one of the labs, a controlled fire can be made to make the training seem more real.

There is also a cannabis grow room in the complex, very realistic and complete: with roaming plug boxes, water leaks and all the risks associated with it. But the cannabis plants there are made from plastic.


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