Police officer Kenneth Bolton acknowledges using sex toys during arrest

Police officer Kenneth Bolton junior suspended from his duty for sexual harrasment

Kenneth Bolton

The United states police officer Kenneth Bolton junior acknowledged that he has acted illegally and improperly. Recently, a colleague of Bolton stopped two women because they were driving to fast. The two woman were guided to a parking lot. Bolton was also on the spot to apply his authority. In addition, he brought out a sex toy, a dildo, and began to rub it against the noble parts of the two women in the car.

Kenneth has lost his job.

Bad Lieutenant

The incident occurred on February 23rd of this year. Bolton is 39 years old and has been a police officer for 16 years. His colleagues do not understand anything about it. He was known as a good servant, and suddenly you hear this.

The investigation into this Bad Lieutenant is still ongoing, and the suspect is expected to receive a fine as well as punishment for his “misconduct”. Incidentally, he walked away from a heavier punishment by admitting it all. If he had not done this, the justice department would have accused him of “kidnapping”.

There is now a site that tracks all US police crimes. Look here at Filmingcops.


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