Police raids the houses of several criminal families from Antwerp

Criminal Families Antwerp

Criminal Families

Criminal Families – The police in Antwerp conducted a campaign this week against the family S. In the local drug environment this family of Moroccan origin is known as the “Mixers”. According to the Gazet from Antwerp they have arrested three suspects.


Also, two retailers that sell PGP phones have been arrested, the owner of a phone shop in the St. Elizabeth Street and a colleague with a shop in Abbey Street. They sold PGP phones for 1,500 euros plus 600 euros license fee every six months. In Belgium, the sales of PGP devices is allowed the only rule is that a retailer may not sell phones to customers from whom he may reasonably suspect that they are up to no good. The two arrested traders are now accused of membership of a criminal organization.


According to the Gazet from Antwerpen the news about the arrests smashed in the criminal environment like a bomb. Criminals suspect, according to the newspaper that the police have cracked the computer server from the PGP network. Dutch Forensic Institute succeeded in cracking a large number of these phones in recent years, but wheter or not the servers are  are hacked is unclear. The network of the vendors from Antwerp that sold the PGP phones suddenly died last weekend. According to the Gazet the police raid provided much less information than the breakthrough in the Netherlands.


About two hundred officers took part in the action against five brothers of the family S. A total of thirty-house searches were carried out aimed specifically at finding evidence of money laundering. At least three people had been arrested. The mixers also work with the Moroccan family A.,One person from this family was arrested during the raids. All suspects are suspected of money laundering and  being a member of a criminal organization. They have to appear before the court on friday.

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