Police shoots 20 times at house with three children inside

Swat team raided house Michel boer co founder of OMG Satudarah Police shot over 20 times at house with children inside


Following the police raid of the house of Satudarah co-founder Michel Boer in Alstätte, two dogs were shot and killed by the German police. According to Boer’s lawyer, the police shot about 20 times on a door and a window, “while in the house one woman and three little children were sleeping.”

Michel Boer has been on the national wanted list since last month. The German police wanted to search his house, just across the Dutch border, at the request of the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office today. There was no resistance but a SWAT team began to open fire very early in the morning when the raid was conducted. In addition, the officers fired on the house and the two dogs were shot dead.


Two dogs were shot dead. One dog was sick and laying down at a fence. He didn’t do anything to the police. An officer shot him twice through the head from about 20 centimeters distance. The other dog that was shot dead was behind a fence and could not go anywhere. Unhuman, cowardly, pointless and cruel.

Blonk calls the action ‘too insane for words’. Blonk:

The SWAT team kept both children and wife at gunpoint. The house was one big chaos and several things were broken. The police have been investigating for months and I assume that they knew that my client was not there. The client is suspected of membership of a criminal organization. The violence used, the shooting of two dogs and the fear of women and children is not in any ratio to this suspicion.

Blonk emphasizes that she or her client Boer do not want to seek publicity, but she can’t help but respond to this course of action. Blonk says the responsible prosecutor of the national parquet will be asked to clarify the reasons for this requests.


According to the Public Prosecutor, the search is part of the major investigation into the outlawed motorcycle gang Satudarah since 2016. During this investigation, the administration has been seized.

Boer is suspicious and is currently internationally wanted. Three other founders of the motorcycle club have been arrested. The suspicion against Boer is only that of being a member of a criminal organization.

Last month, Boer was placed on the Wanted List because he did not report himself to the police when asked.


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