policeman not prosecuted for shooting and killing Rupert Lodovica

Rupert Lodovica

Policeman not prosecuted for shooting and killing Rupert Lodovica

The police officer that shot and killed a 41-year-old man from Eindhoven earlier this year did not get prosecuted. The judge decided in favor of the police officer because he believed the officer acted out of self-defence. The victim was hit by two bullets. One pierced a lung, the other ended up in his liver. The shooting took place after two officers had come on a report of domestic violence.

Rupert Lodovica

The suspect in domestic violence was Rupert Lodovica , originally from the West Indies and was a known person to the police. Lodovica, who was just a free man, was standing on the street with a bottle of wine and something that looked like a weapon. It later turned out that Rupert Lodovica didn’t have any weapons on him. Lodovica did not respond to the cops when they shouted that he had to drop his weapons. Rupert then decided to charge one of the female officers and started to punch her multiple times.

Pepper spray and batons

Despite the use of pepper spray and a baton Lodovica managed to hit the female officer with his fist in her face. The woman therefore fell. Rupert Lodovica bowed over her and started punching her several times. The other officer then grabbed his service weapon and commanded Lodovica to retreat. The cop fired two shots because Rupert didn’t respond. The incident was filmed with a mobile phone.

You can read the initial report of the death of Rupert Lodovica by clicking here.


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