Prison for sale in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Former Dome prison in arnhem the Netherlands - prison for sale

Prison for sale

Prison for sale – Since Tuesday, the former Dome prison in Arnhem is for sale. The area around the former prison including the outbuildings is also for sale. It’s one complex called “The Mountain”, just like the former prison.

According to the State Property Service, the complex is suitable to turn into a combination of living facilities and other activities.

The buildings are partly a national monument, especially due to the iconic dome. The entire site has an area of approximately 20,000 m². Potential customers can report themselves to the State Property Service until December 7th after that they have until March 15 to bring out an offer. The name of the buyer will be released to the public in May of 2018.

Blue Band

The dome in Arnhem was one of the best-known prisons in the Netherlands. In the establishment, criminals were housed for over 129 years. By 2015, the last detainees left. since then Arnhem has a new prison, also known as the Blue Band prison. Why blue band? because the prison looks like a pack of blue band butter.

Want to see some more images of the former prison? You can do so by clicking here.


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