Blind Belgian Prison Warden Sentenced For Sexual Assault

Blind Belgian Prison Warden Sentenced For Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault – The court in Turnhout, Belgium has sentenced the former warden of the prison in Wortel to four years in prison, according to Belgian media. The blind prison warden Jef Buts was found guilty of sexually assaulting detainees. Buts offered detainees privileges if they would send their wifes to him to perform sexual favors.


The case started in 2013 when a prison inmate committed suicide. In his suicide note, he wrote about the sexual advances and proposes from the prison warden. In 2013, a woman said that she had been called by B. who asked her about her appearance and made her ‘certain’ proposals. The blind prison warden insisted on an appointment between the two. B. is believed to have done this in both the Wortel prison and in a prison in Hoogstraten. Buts has always denied all accusations. He has been retired for some time now.

His lawyer Jef Vermassen spoke in his defense of a large conspiracy of detainees and certain guards against the former prison warden.


The court in Turnhout believes it has been proven that B. had prisoners and women perform sexual favors for him in exchange for a more ‘comfortable’ regime. He has been convicted of sexual assault, bribery and inappropriate sexual behavior. Previous complaints ranging from the periods 1989 to 1994 were not dealt with because to many years have passed since.


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