Prosecuter demands prison sentence against deceased suspect

Deceased suspect

Deceased suspect

Deceased suspect –  prosecutors in Middelburg the Netherlands want to see the 46-year-old Nigerian O.I. going to prison for six years because of a massive fraud case. Now what’s so special about this ? Well the man in questions has been declared death, according to an official death certificate from Nigeria. According to several newspapers the prosecutor refuses to acknowledge the authenticity of the document in question.


The judge believes the death certificate that has been issued has been forged by the Nigerian government. The judge stated this Thursday in court that he will not be convinced of the death of the accused unless it’s confirmed trough DNA testing. According to him, O.I. is a specialist in the falsification of documents, which would occur frequently in Nigeria. He called it striking that the wife of the suspect and his child were not present at the official funeral.


O.I. is on trial because it’s believed that he led a major debit card fraud back in 2010 and 2011. With some other man he had set up a system to get their hands on debit cards and PIN codes from customers of the Rabobank (A bank we know really well because of their involvement in the laundering of Columbian drug money), according to the police. The cases of the associates of the suspect have been completed in 2014. There was a leak in the security of the bank in 2010. In the name of genuine bank customers defendants ordered a new debit card. They waited for the postman to deliver the debit card and then stole them from the mailbox. With this method they managed to get their hands on quite a few debit cards and codes. Many account holders money ended up getting stolen. From public information we know there are several cases in which the criminals managed to get away with a substantial amount of money, including one for €26,000, €86,000 and €172,000

The prosecution claims that the deceased O.I. has mode over €994.000,00 with the fraud and that he has to pay it all back to the State. The ruling is on 2 March.


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