Prostitute shoots client twice in head because of bad sex

Prostitute shoots client twice through the head because of bad oral sex


Sometimes you hear about some bizarre murder attempts in the world. Like this one, in the US state of Washington where a prostitute Marissa Wallen shot her client twice in the head. 

On the 24th of October, the police received a call to check the status of a 36-year-old man. When they arrived at the house they tried to wake the man up, but he did not respond. The man was taken to the hospital where doctors found two bullets in his head.

Lost money

Further investigation showed that the man’s wallet had disappeared. In addition, they also discovered that a woman who had visited the man several times was the last one who had seen him before his accident, according to the testimonies. There was also $12,000 missing from his bank account. The traces eventually led to the prostitute. The case was all rounded up through by video footage, which showed that the woman was in the house at the time of the shooting.

What’s special is that the 36-year-old man survived the shooting, despite being shot twice in his head. The reason for the shooting is bizarre. “The man gave bad oral sex and she did not know how to tell him,” can be read in the police report.


The court decided this week to hold the suspect, in this case, an armed robbery and identity fraud. Because the crime is very serious, the bail is set at $1 million, which the woman probably can not afford. Yet she tries to because according to a detective, the woman tried to talk one of her customers into paying it for her. The prostitute also had various other charges against her.


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