pyromaniac set fire to barn filled with animals in the Netherlands


Barn fire

Some disturbing news hit us this sunday night. We got a phone call saying that a barn filled with horses and other animals was set on fire by a pyromaniac. Both of the gates leading to the barn had been set on fire. The barn held 7 pony’s and some other animals such as chickens, goats, rabbits and pigeons. 6 out of the 7  pony’s suffered from superficial burns. Many of the chickens and rabbits were burned but the goats got away safely. All the animals are receiving the care they need and will recover. The owner told us she was left with nothing.


There have been a lot of intentional fires in this place in the Netherlands. For some reason someone finds it necessary to burn places to the ground and hurt or kill as many things as he can in the process. These animals did nothing wrong and yet someone has the urge to hurt them. Public executions should come back for these kind of people because they bring nothing good to society. Many people are already going on a search at night to find this person so they can give him what he deserves because they feel the police doesn’t take this case to serious.

We can only hope that the police finds the suspects first. I can only imagine what happens when the wrong people find him first.


These images can be considered shocking. The only reason i post these images is to get more attention to this case. Help us find this person by sharing this. If you have any information about this you can always contact the dutch authorities by clicking here.








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