Rap pioneer The Kidd Creole arrested for killing a homeless man

Kidd creole arrested stabbing and killing homeless man

Kidd Creole

Rap pioneer The Kidd Creole (real name Nathaniel Glover) got detained at his home yesterday. Glover is suspected of stabbing and killing a 55-year-old homeless man, John Jolly. The victim was found heavily bleeding on the streets after a 911 call came in. He later died in the hospital in New York.

Glover was one of the founders of the renowned hip hop group The Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, which was especially successful in the eighties. The group is considered to be a major pioneer in the hip hop scene.

Security cameras

The police found Glover through security cameras near the crime scene. According to various media, Jolly was stabbed with a small knife after calling Glover gay.


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