Record amount of arms purchased on Black Friday

Record amount of weapon applications FBI during Black Friday

Black Friday

The American FBI has received a record amount of background check requests for firearms licenses on Saturday. This was due to the massive amount of weapons purchased during Black Friday and an announced revision of the licensing system.

New record

After Black Friday, the FBI received 203,086 applications. That is a new record for the number of sales in one day. Two previous records were also during ‘Black Friday’. This reports the American newspaper USA Today.

Multiple Weapons

The license applications cannot be used to measure the actual amount of weapons sold. That is probably higher, because several weapons can be purchased per application. The license applications are handled by a special FBI department that checks whether buyers have a criminal record.

Church Shooting

The high number of applications follows only days after the US Secretary of Justice Sessions announced that the weapon licensing system will be drastically adjusted, following the shooting in a church in Texas. During the shooting, a war veteran shot and killed 25 people in Sutherland Springs.


After the shooting, the US Air Force announced that it had never informed the FBI of the fact that in 2012 the man was convicted by the Military Disciplinary Board for the abuse of his wife and child. When he bought his weapon in 2016, he crossed a checkmark, indicating that he had no previous convictions on his name. The weapon was a semi-automatic Ruger AA556 rifle.


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